Monday, 7 November 2011

16th October 2003

If beauty had a rating on a scale of one to ten
Yours would be a twenty was the judging done by men
As women would be overcome by jealousy and such
And when the votes were counted theirs would not amount to much.

Miss Universe was lucky that you chose not to compete
For had you done so total would've been her swift defeat
But lucky was the s.o.b. in whose embrace were you
And if my feeling were by that betrayed what could I do?

Had Nefertiti, queen of Egypt, been alive today
For beauty such as yours for sure there would be hell to pay
And she who once commanded armies wouldn't hesitate
To have you barred from public view perhaps inside a crate.

How favored by the gods was one as beautiful as you
As one gal in a million had such looks or make that two.

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