Saturday, 19 November 2011

20th March 2004

The one I loved cared not a bit
If for her silent teardrops fell
From morning until night,
Waiting for some light to brighten up the darkness
Which once like day was lit
Even down inside a well
Only then shall there be light
And instead of blindness sight that saw with sharpness
If outpourings of the heart had been in vain
Like nomads in the desert asking God to make it rain.

The one I loved has sealed her lips
And cared not if I bled to death
For many now a day,
Waiting for a ray of light to pierce the darkness
In circles or in strips
Which engulfed the length and breadth
Of a sky that's dark and gray
And a heart no longer gay but full of sadness
As the one I loved still uttered not a word
Like responding to my letter was preposterous or absurd.

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