Saturday, 17 December 2011

17th July 2005

Ah, Destiny, ah, Destiny,
What hast thou done to me?
She said that I could come
And watch her dance and sway
Upon a football pitch like a star
But like a useless bum
I slept and slept all day
Like one drugged by a witch from afar.

Ah, Destiny, ah, Destiny,
What hast thou done to me?
I wanted nothing more
Than spending one whole day
With someone that I treasured more than gold
No matter what she wore
Or said or didn't say
As brains like hers when measured, lo and behold!

Ah, Destiny, ah, Destiny,
What hast thou done to me?
My life was now at risk
If she's saving this on disk.

1st July 2005

A woman is a thorn bush
Hidden from the eyes,
A scorpion beneath the rouge
And such cosmetic lies,
A cloaked and hooded sorceress
In angelic disguise,
A deadly combination
Of hell and paradise.

A fool marked for destruction
Is like putty in her hands
Whose reward is honeyed kisses
Or the venom from her glands
Like at the mercy of the winds
Are the desert sands
And atmospheric madness
No simple-minded granule understands.

A woman is a thorn bush
Concealed beneath the skin:
Cursed is he who loves her
For wicked is her grin.

17th June 2004

The ferry that transported souls
Way across the river
Was anchored in the harbor
Where anyone would shiver
Who saw it through the mist:
I think it might be you
Whose name was on the list,
O pussycat afflicted
From ankle to the wrist
With sores that seemed addicted
To something in your blood
Through which they multiplied
And surfaced through the flesh
And made you wish you died
While infancy was fresh
While still inside the womb
Or in your mother's arms
For whom also a tomb
Has beckoned from afar
For immortality inside a labelled jar.