Sunday, 29 April 2012

31st May 2009

Heaven has moved house, leaving behind no forwarding address,
Answering no calls, leaving us to fend for ourselves amongst the wolves 
We've been thrown to in the darkness of a night that has little hope 
Of welcoming the dawn of a new tomorrow.

Heaven has abandoned us like wounded soldiers on a battlefield,
Leaving us to face the onslaught of a relentless foe
Systematically mopping up pockets of resistance whose only hope of salvation
Had been as bright as the setting sun many sunsets ago.

Heaven has abandoned us like shipwrecked sailors on a raft in stormy seas,
Leaving us to battle lashing winds and pounding waves on our own
With only the skin on our backs and sweat on our faces
And prayers answered by the fury of an unforgiving storm.

16th May 2009

What does God want from me?
He's taken away the strength I once possessed
That resided in my bones, mind and spirit
With a blood clot of a bullet to the heart,

The size twenty-seven trousers I used to wear
Have shrunk by a few sizes too small
And my eyes were on their way to becoming tiny slits

Peeking out from the flabbiness of a bloated face,

The nine-to-five job I used to have
Has slipped two months away from my grasp
And the longer I take to get my strength back
The further away slips the financial stability it represents,

The cancer sticks I used to smoke
No longer blacken my lungs
Nor do they stimulate my brain cells any more either
But better a sluggish mind than poisoned lungs I suppose,

12th March 2009

An uncompleted section of a flyover
Offers protection from the pouring rain
For motorcyclists in no hurry
To reach the next destination.
An iron-gray sky promises more rain 
At least for the next hour or so
And the nearest zero-traffic toilet is miles away.
More urgent is needing to return to the office
To finish unfinished business
Eventhough it's after five
As underscored by people heading home
Or the nearest pub
Or who knows where
In tandem with the way the dice rolled for them
In the game of life.
Remind me to have mine tested, 
The next chance I get,
For magnetic hanky-panky.

10th November 2008 - II

A month has gone by since you were last seen
And though a target had you been at first
For tomcats on the prowl and far from green
You still showed up at times to quench my thirst
For loyal to your feline roots were you 
In spite of being fearful for your life
While there was very little I could do
As absent was I in your time of strife
And now no longer seen were you at all 
And death I fear has dropped on us its load
As silence answers when your name I call
And images appear upon the road
Of broken limbs and crushed perhaps a head
Belonging to a cat that's cold and dead.