Saturday, 17 December 2011

17th July 2005

Ah, Destiny, ah, Destiny,
What hast thou done to me?
She said that I could come
And watch her dance and sway
Upon a football pitch like a star
But like a useless bum
I slept and slept all day
Like one drugged by a witch from afar.

Ah, Destiny, ah, Destiny,
What hast thou done to me?
I wanted nothing more
Than spending one whole day
With someone that I treasured more than gold
No matter what she wore
Or said or didn't say
As brains like hers when measured, lo and behold!

Ah, Destiny, ah, Destiny,
What hast thou done to me?
My life was now at risk
If she's saving this on disk.

1st July 2005

A woman is a thorn bush
Hidden from the eyes,
A scorpion beneath the rouge
And such cosmetic lies,
A cloaked and hooded sorceress
In angelic disguise,
A deadly combination
Of hell and paradise.

A fool marked for destruction
Is like putty in her hands
Whose reward is honeyed kisses
Or the venom from her glands
Like at the mercy of the winds
Are the desert sands
And atmospheric madness
No simple-minded granule understands.

A woman is a thorn bush
Concealed beneath the skin:
Cursed is he who loves her
For wicked is her grin.

17th June 2004

The ferry that transported souls
Way across the river
Was anchored in the harbor
Where anyone would shiver
Who saw it through the mist:
I think it might be you
Whose name was on the list,
O pussycat afflicted
From ankle to the wrist
With sores that seemed addicted
To something in your blood
Through which they multiplied
And surfaced through the flesh
And made you wish you died
While infancy was fresh
While still inside the womb
Or in your mother's arms
For whom also a tomb
Has beckoned from afar
For immortality inside a labelled jar.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

2nd April 2004

If you did not love me,
Give me back my heart
For it was killing me
Like the poison from a dart:
The love inside my tortured heart for you.

If you did not love me,
Tell me right away
For it was killing me
In slow motion night and day:
What made me wanna fly away with you.

If you did not love me,
Let me know at once
For it was killing me
These last few torturous months:
What filled my heart with tons of love for you.

20th March 2004

The one I loved cared not a bit
If for her silent teardrops fell
From morning until night,
Waiting for some light to brighten up the darkness
Which once like day was lit
Even down inside a well
Only then shall there be light
And instead of blindness sight that saw with sharpness
If outpourings of the heart had been in vain
Like nomads in the desert asking God to make it rain.

The one I loved has sealed her lips
And cared not if I bled to death
For many now a day,
Waiting for a ray of light to pierce the darkness
In circles or in strips
Which engulfed the length and breadth
Of a sky that's dark and gray
And a heart no longer gay but full of sadness
As the one I loved still uttered not a word
Like responding to my letter was preposterous or absurd.

15th January 2004

If time could be frozen like ice on a tray
I'll do it at once for a night and a day
For us both to catch up on time that's been lost
Whilst everyone else was imprisoned by frost.

If time could be frozen like ice in a pond 
I'll do it at once with a magical wand
For us to find comfort in each other's arms
And me to get drunk on your feminine charms.

If time could be frozen like ice on a rink
I'll do it at once without stopping to think
For us both to watch stars explode in the sky
If off to the heavens we both chose to fly.

If time could be frozen by magical words
For us both to fly off together like birds
I'll do it at once for a night and a day
But only if your heart said: tell him okay.

Monday, 7 November 2011

21st October 2003

How ravishing you looked today,
O you without a rival,
From all that I have seen,
O future beauty queen of the world.

If soon you had to go
I just wanted you to know
That there's a part of me
That wanted not to lose a gal like thee.

Lunchtime was too short
For something of this sort
So in a little hurry hence was I
And kindly do excuse me
If I've no right to tell thee
That I don't ever wanna say good-bye.

17th October 2003

What I was told was true
That, yes, indeed were you truly beautiful
And what I saw today
Just took my breath away by the lungful.

A day in paradise
I spent because your eyes were but heavenly
Which no less was your face
Which took me to a place just as lovely.

A whole day since we met
And stunned was I still yet by your beauty
Which someone ought to write about
In black and white out of duty.

16th October 2003

If beauty had a rating on a scale of one to ten
Yours would be a twenty was the judging done by men
As women would be overcome by jealousy and such
And when the votes were counted theirs would not amount to much.

Miss Universe was lucky that you chose not to compete
For had you done so total would've been her swift defeat
But lucky was the s.o.b. in whose embrace were you
And if my feeling were by that betrayed what could I do?

Had Nefertiti, queen of Egypt, been alive today
For beauty such as yours for sure there would be hell to pay
And she who once commanded armies wouldn't hesitate
To have you barred from public view perhaps inside a crate.

How favored by the gods was one as beautiful as you
As one gal in a million had such looks or make that two.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

22nd September 2003

You smart. You drive car. Car big, expensive-looking.
I stupid. I standing on road, looking other way.
You see me but no stop. You no horn either.
I see you last minute and jump.
I stupid perhaps, but you evil.
You no care if car run over stupid pussycat.
Perhaps your luck better next time.

Other day saw bigger, more expensive-looking car stop for mama pussycat and babies to cross over to other side.
Front seat passenger even got down to check if all clear ahead before moving on.
Happened on same stretch of road leading away from your area of residence.
Good neighbors perhaps. For us stupid pussycats.

17th September 2003

For months I haven't written
Or sent to you a card;
Forgive me, forgive me, 
If that was not too hard.

Have I been all that busy
To have forgotten you?
Accuse me, accuse me,
But that I couldn't do.

Did I still harbor feelings
As I did once for you?
Still crazy, still crazy,
And nuts about you too.

Why haven't you responded,
Not even once till now?
Still early, still early,
And if you were to, how?

I still remembered fondly
How you looked so divine;
How lovely, how lovely,
If you were someday mine!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

20th July 2003

Like stars on a collision course
So were you and I
As every time contact was made
One way or the other
Lightning flashed and thunder boomed
Like all the world was doomed.

What was it about you
That every time contact was made
One way or the other
The weather god went crazy
As did my bowels too
Especially when due to meet were we
Which had it happened what a wreck I'd be?

I almost said it, didn't I,
Along with what I left in your message box today,
O you whom I've met only twice
And spoke to on the phone maybe thrice?

Don't ask me to explain it
But this was all I knew:
I loved you, I loved you, let the whole world know I loved you!

16th July 2003

Your sadness followed me
From your place back to mine
And there was nothing I could do
To bring the sunshine back
Or change water into wine
As we were not alone
For love to be rekindled
From the embers left behind
From the closeness that we shared
For a week a month ago.

What was it I could do or say
The next time I was there
To bring the sunshine back again
And brighten up your day
Which wouldn't be much anyway
As wedding bells shall be a-ringing
Once you left this foreign land
And in marriage gave your hand
To him whom you've been faithful to till this very day?

9th July 2003

A Van Gogh or Picasso
Was only to be looked at
And admired from afar
By ordinary people.

So was it with us
As beauty such a yours
Was worthy of a prince
And as the whole world knew
No handsome prince was I.

Why was I not born a prince
With looks and wealth to match
Since no one less was worthy
Of such a priceless catch?

The gods above be praised
For now I knew what it was like
To gaze upon the face of an angel:

Saturday, 15 October 2011

27th June 2003

Notice has been given;
Your mama's gonna die;
Too much rat blood on its hands,
Come and say good-bye.

Such punishment from heaven
Brings forth the question 'why';
Too much rat blood on its hands,
Corpses ten feet high.

Notice has been given;
My baby's death was near;
Too much rat blood on its hands,
That much, folks, was clear.

26th June 2003

Gate open,
Doggy enters, does its thing;
Doggy blameless,
Gate's fault for being open.

Sink clogged up,
Bits of this and bits of that;
Dinner blameless,
Sink's fault for being stupid.

Cat stricken,
Sores where victims tasted death;
Virus blameless,
Cat's fault for all that bloodshed.

Love blossoms,
Girl has someone, nothing happens;
Boy blameless,
Girl's fault for being honest.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

17th June 2003

A pregnancy gone wrong:
Was that what's ailing you
Till you couldn't stand or walk
Or even in your own tongue talk?

For days you haven't eaten
Or touched your water bowl
While all you did was sit there
And bleed to death my soul.

My prayers have gone unanswered
From that side of the sky
Like heaven has decided
It's time for you to die.

Two tickets for the next trip. please,
On the ship of death;
One's for my baby
Upon its final breath,
The other one's for me:
'Died of a broken heart',
What an epitaph that would be.

15th June 2003

Talk to me, pussycat,
Tell me what was wrong;
I could only guess
And chances were that I'd be wrong.

Did somebody kick you
Or did you have a fall
Or was it just labor pains
And nothing else at all?

For a cat in labor
You were acting pretty strange
Like your future in this life
Was soon about to change.

Are you gonna die,
Is that what you're telling me,
Sitting there for hours,
Looking silently at me?

Talk to me, pussycat,
Tell me what was wrong;
I could only guess
And chances were that I'd be wrong.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

21st May 2003

Thus ends another chapter
In the story of my life
As she's been pledged to someone
To someday be his wife
And mother of his children
And granny dear to theirs
In view of the tradition
Of cultivating heirs
To inherit the business
Or keep alive the name
Throughout the generations
In the procreation game
That's played upon the chessboard of life:
She who's pledged to be somebody's wife. 

16th May 2003

What made you sing today,
O troubled heart of mine,
As I was on my way to the bank?

"Shobana was her name
Whom you called up after nine
To ask if cheques were ready or still blank."

What made you sing today,
O troubled heart of mine,
As I was on my way back from the bank?

"Shobana was her name,
O you who've crossed the line
Where romance either blossomed or sprang a leak and sank.

She hasn't said a word yet
About what's going on.
"Relax and let things happen
And they will if for each other you were born."

13th May 2003

I'll go mad
If I didn't see you soon.

Where's the moon?
It should be up there tonight.

Wrong or right,
Boy, was I in love with you.

It was true:
Like a thief you stole my heart.

Like a dart
Flew what zapped me from your eyes.

Hear the cries
Of one who needs a ticket
From you to paradise.

9th May 2003

The silence from you
Regarding my letters
Was deafening.

If there's a problem
Just say the word
And it shall stop.

It'll break my heart
In such a case
But so what, right?

30th April 2003

The thought of seeing you again
As I was on my way
Filled me with excitement
And my heart with joy today
But when I saw somebody else
Sitting in your place
I feared no longer would I gaze
Upon your lovely face
And when at last you showed up
As I prepared to leave
A silent sigh of pure relief
Did my poor heart heave
And as the luxury of time 
Had not been mine today 
I'll say it here and now the things
That I had planned to say:
That how I wished what took me there
Happened every day.

29th April 2003

I'm writing you a note
To ask you for your vote
About me calling you
Or writing you a letter
Which I think would be better 
If I called you at home
Or used your home address
It that's all right with you,
(Say it was, your loveliness).