Monday, 9 January 2012

10th November 2008 - I

Oh, how I truly hate this wretched life
That robs me of the cats that I have lost
And carves my heart out as if with a knife
When life and death are traded at a cost;
Oh, how this wretched life I truly hate
That robs me of the cats that keep me sane
And wait for me whenever I am late
And know its 'beat beat' time when holding cane;
How wretched was this life despised of mine
That robs me of the cats that give me strength
And merely by their presence made it shine
Till even after daytime reached its length;
Whatever may the circumstances be,
A missing cat is still a loss to me.

31st August 2008

My heart cries for thee,  O Penang of Old,
For blocked were thy sunsets and rising moons
By concrete and steel structures tall and bold
Which blocked too the breeze on hot afternoons;
My heart bleeds for thee, O Pearl of the East,
For gone was the charm for which thou were known
By courtesy of the pile-driving beast
And concrete towers its masters have sown;
My heart mourns for thee, O Paradise Lost,
For heartlessly planned and schemed was thy death
By whatever means, at whatever cost,
Till brought to its knees was thy final breath;
My heart wails for thee, O Isle of my Birth,
Even thy grave was of concrete, not earth.

5th January 2006

If everyone were like me,
Wars would be non-existent,
Poverty a thing of the past,
Crime unheard of,
Road fatalities obsolete
And the planet overrun by cats.

Good news for fishermen
And cat food manufacturers;
Bad news for munitions factories,
West Point graduates,
Welfare homes,
NYPD cops,
Tow-truck operators
And 911 ERTs.

Good thing not everyone was like me,