Sunday, 29 April 2012

16th May 2009

What does God want from me?
He's taken away the strength I once possessed
That resided in my bones, mind and spirit
With a blood clot of a bullet to the heart,

The size twenty-seven trousers I used to wear
Have shrunk by a few sizes too small
And my eyes were on their way to becoming tiny slits

Peeking out from the flabbiness of a bloated face,

The nine-to-five job I used to have
Has slipped two months away from my grasp
And the longer I take to get my strength back
The further away slips the financial stability it represents,

The cancer sticks I used to smoke
No longer blacken my lungs
Nor do they stimulate my brain cells any more either
But better a sluggish mind than poisoned lungs I suppose,

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