Sunday, 4 October 2015

5th October 2015

Thank you, O Lord, for the rain,
The wonderful rain that dilutes the haze,
The smoky haze that chokes the air,
And helps us breathe a little easier,
The cats included,
The cats who know not the benefits of
respirators in such conditions
But fall sick all the same
Just as we do
From breathing the polluted air
By courtesy of our regional neighbors
That’s now being degraded by the rain
From what it was
To something a lot less polluted
And a lot more breathable
For which we give thee thanks, O Lord,
From the bottom of our hearts,
The cats included.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

11th September 2015

Chicken cooked in its own fat,
Although delicious,
Is insidiously in the long run a booby trap
Designed to control population growth
By eventually choking off the arterial gap
By means of plaque or sludge or both
As commonly found in clogged pipes
Accustomed to prolonged waste oil traffic
And such insoluble types
No matter how powerful the magic
Of witch doctors and medicine men
Who are  no better than mechanics
At replacing clogged pipes with new ones,
Cannibalized or otherwise.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

30th August 2015

The Arab Spring has reached Malaysian shores
But Najib and his armies step aside
And even grant safe passage to the scores
Of yellow T-shirts marching side by side
Demanding that he hand over his crown
For millions he received from overseas
In private bank accounts somewhere in town
Kept undisclosed in spite of public pleas
But to his credit tear gas isn't used
To clear the streets crammed full of yellow shirts
And salvage traffic codes that were abused
By law-sidestepping folk in jeans and skirts;
As long as everyone is safe from harm
The victory of this round's in his palm.

[link # 46, The World's Longest Sonnet Chain,]

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

4th March 2015

When treetop-dwelling assholes come down from the trees they live in
As treetop-dwelling assholes are sometimes wont to do
They look for something like an unused overturned garbage bin
As only treetop-dwelling assholes are expected to
To dump unwanted kittens and conceal the lot from sight
Like dirty deeds which one does in the darkness of the night
Which fortunately for this lot were brought into the light
By courtesy of one who sees all dark and hidden things:
The one they call The Puppeteer Who Holds The Puppet Strings.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

20th August 2014

My Conscience:

The lady of the house was returning soon
And what have you done, done, done?


Well, I swept and mopped as I whistled a tune
Which would've been a lot more fun, fun, fun
Had I danced and swayed and skipped and hopped
As I swept, swept, swept and mopped, mopped, mopped.

15th March 2014

When cats go missing madness clouds the mind
And anguish fills the heart till bursting point
And soon the will to live too lags behind
And ends up crippled like a broken joint;
When cats go missing life turns upside down
And everything appears like in a dream
And one regrets why one did not just drown
By accident in childhood in a stream;
When cats go missing one's world falls apart
And silent screams are heard throughout the night
As agony torments a tortured heart
And kills off any hope that's left in sight;
When cats go missing something dies inside
And leaves behind a hole that's meters wide.