Friday, 8 April 2016

8th April 2016

Like celebrities updating their Instagram accounts -
Been here, been there, did this, did that -
For the benefit of their legions of adoring fans
Were some of my Facebook friends
Who by the way were mere mortals like you and me
Which really made me wonder:
Did I really need Facebook friends such as them
Who were surely better off hobnobbing with English lords and ladies
While having tea together in a picturesque English garden
Instead of reminding me of how bourgeois my boring existence was
With their city-hopping hotel-swapping Facebook status updates?

Oh, but of course, that's what the 'unfollow' button is for:
To remain Facebook friends with flamboyant socialite types,
To quote an example,
Without having the intimate details of their flamboyant lives
Unsolicitedly shoved in front of your face
Every time you logged in to update your own status
With yet another boring selfie of you and your beloved partner / kid / dog / cat / whatever
And so on.

Now, why didn't I think of that?
Could've saved all the fuss, or venom, spewed out here.